Laser Hair Removal

Laser used for hair removal purposes targets dark colored pigment in hair bulb and destroys hair at its root. As laser demolishes hair follicle, it will permanently reduce the amount of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal has also benefits other than merely removing hair. Some people suffer from ingrown hair, a condition mostly affecting legs and Brazilian area. This condition could be easily cured by having a full set of laser hair removal sessions done.

The intervals between sessions are 4 to 6 weeks for face and 6 to 8 weeks for body. Following a schedule based on these intervals secures the success rate in hair reduction as hair growth cycle length is considered in setting the most appropriate intervals.

In Medstyle Cosmetic Clinic, we deliver services in the highest possible quality as we have one of the best Diode laser machines (made by INMODE) available in the market. In addition, laser hair removal is being done by reliable certified estheticians with medical background and years of experience in esthetics and skin treatments.

Having your treatments done with our hyper speed machine, you will experience a pleasant visit to our clinic. The goal is to reach a permanent hair reduction in fewer sessions.

We encourage our clients to plan their sessions in advance by purchasing packages in order to maximize their commitment to treatments and optimize their payment amount.

If you would like to undergo a comfortable, safe and effective set of laser hair removal treatments, please call us now and book your free consult.

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